Nigmabox Rundown (7/09-7/15) Natalie Will Need A New Box

I have brought this up in the past, but I eventually plan on retiring Nigmabox.  It is a site I have called my own since I was 17, and there is a lot of baggage placed on here because of that, with plenty of bad writing and questionable content to be found in my earlier work.  Instead of doing a massive purge, I would rather just reset things with a new site I intend to launch in early 2019, after I finish school once and for all, and intend on remastering or rewriting many of my prior reviews.  However, the one part of this that is hindering me is a name for this new website.  Nigmabox is a really stupid name, and I have been unable to think of a decent site name for about a year now.  Maybe Natalie’s Game Box or something… Continue reading


Ys Seven Review

ULUS10551_00021Before beginning, I feel I should clarify what I mean when I refer to prior Ys games, as I have played Ys Chronicles, Ark of Napishtim, Oath in Felghana, and Origin before delving into the creatively titled Ys Seven.  Aside from Ys: Memories In Celestia, which was released after this title.  I just want to clarify how I’m going into this game, as it does a few things I feel it makes some… notable changes.  Also, I legally own the game via PSN, and played it using an emulator, because the Playstation TV displays PSP games at 480p, which looks terrible on a 1080p monitor. Continue reading

Ys Origin Review

2015-10-11_00004About two years ago, I gave my thoughts on Ys Origin, a game I thoroughly enjoyed well above all other Ys games, at least the ones I played, meaning the ones on PC.  Although, I didn’t technically fully complete the game as I only cleared it with a single character, Yunica, and felt that I should try out the other two and see how the game stacked up, only to then realize that there was a true ending I was not aware of, which leads into Ys I.  Plus, I just felt like playing it again. Continue reading

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim Review

ysnapishtim52If I had to give a brief summary of how the Ys series works in regards to its final products, I would say that the first few titles were more experimental than anything, involving large changes to the gameplay and point of view with each installment before the series hit a sour note with part V, and went away for a generation, only to come back with this title, Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, and revitalized the franchise for a total of three games before changing up the gameplay once.  I previously reviewed the spiritual follow-ups Oath in Felghana and Origin, both of which I liked quite a bit, but felt that many of the RPG elements of these games bogged it down, and its emphasis on story was a bit out of place in such a frantic high paced and cathartic action game.  This being a prequel, not much has changed. Continue reading

Ys Origin Review

Origin_Wallpaper_18So, let me get this straight, Mr. Nigma.  After starting the year strong with a total of five Metal Gear Solid titles in your possession, you do three, stop with no plans to finish the quest, and instead review some Ys games.  A franchise that you were pretty okay with when it came to Ys Chronicles, liked with the title you reviewed just a few days ago, Oath in Felghana.  Fine, just be sure to get around to reviewing those titles when you get a PS Vita under your reservation price, ya cheapo… You are just buying Steam games instead, aren’t you?

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Ys: Oath in Felghana Review


Well, it’s been a good while since I touched the Ys series with my review of Ys Chronicles, but I ended up buying the other half of this franchise that I can buy on Steam.  With Ys: Oath in Felghana being a remake of Ys III as much as Metroid Zero Mission is a remake of Metroid.  In fact, arguably less similar as Ys III was a side scrolling RPG that looked completely alien to me when I looked up gameplay of one of its many versions.  Where as Oath to Farharad is something far more distinct.

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Ys Chronicles+ Review

capsule_467x181It is customary to do a bit of research when doing a more underground game for a series that is fairly sizable.  Yet, Ys is one of the odder ones I’ve seen.  With the entire series only spanning about 10 games in reality, but 25 or so years.  While the prospect of obtaining the entire collection would cost a couple thousand easily, due to how often the core group of these games have been remade and re released.  Hell, the one I’ve got right here is the repackaging of two originally separate NEC PC-8801 games, which I’ve never even heard of.  That was remade for the Turbografx, PC, PSP, and is now the compilation of two of the remakes because of reasons!

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