Nigmabox Rundown (7/02-7/08) I Am Surprised By My Ability To Function

I don’t really talk about this too often, but I do not have a very high opinion of myself.  In fact, you could say that I have a problem where I doubt my abilities, capacity, and blame myself for things that are not even remotely my fault.  So when I am able to surpass the low expectations I set for myself, I am often surprised.  I mean, the fact that I have been able to do very well in school for the past 7 years (3.5+ GPA) and have been able to maintain a regular job for the past 3 are both things that I never thought possible.  Heck, back when I was 10, I thought I would struggle to ever finish high school, fail to ever be employed in any capacity, and die before I reached my twenties via an accident or suicide.  Anyways, onto the video game news. Continue reading


Nigmabox Rundown of E3 2013: Day 2 – Nintendo Sandwiched Between Some Extra Creamers

Show me the fever, into the fire.  Taking it higher and higher.  Nothing to fear, it’s only desire.  Taking it higher and higher.  Ooooo!  I could only sleep just shy from 6 hours.  I have every right to indulge in my Team Teamworks!

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Nigmabox Rundown (5/12-5/18) Are You Ready For the Summer? I’m Not!

Summer Fun Time of AnalAre you ready for the summer?  I’m not!  Mostly due to how it means I’ll be done with high school, and can’t fart about as much because of internships and college classes.  Remember one thing I’ll tell you kids, live free and wild, eating all he gummies, and playing all the video games.  Then I guess OD before you go to the real world… Do you remember all the friendship I brought into your life-  okay, now to fulfill my obligations.

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