Nigmabox Rundown (11/23-12/07): That Upset VGX Hangover

Diggers Go To JailYeah, past two weeks have been slowing down, and everything is going to wind to a halt come the post Christmas lull.  With people looking forward to a very fruitful Q1 for 2014, and looking back at the prior year to hand out awards, which I plan on doing along with some work on the actual infrastructure of this blog… I basically did that, apparently.  Now to just finish the draft for Punky & Yuccot: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure.

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Nigmabox Rundown (8/04-8/17) Nah, I’m For Reals Nega-Sexist Or Something

feminism-derpaherpOkay, another short week, and then a week with a good amount of news that I wasn’t particularly interested in.  I can make a post out of that, I think!  Just as long as I don’t need to talk about them new Call of Duty features.  Though, the infographic and ability to finally use a female character are worth noting if only for how big this series has become, and how long it took before them Fem-models were thrown in.

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Nigmabox Rundown (6/19-6/22) So Tell Me Why I Don’t Know What To Do!

U&MII LUVIt’s a weird feeling to have all three consoles of the seventh generation behind me, namely in the form of a Playstation my friend lent me so I could play The Last of Us and talk about it for days on end.  But I’m also typing this while listening to a fandub of an anime intro where one of the first lines is, “Be gentle, this is my first time.”  And am a few minutes away from rewriting the introduction of a Gimpsuited twelve year old boy with a vagina because I think it’s funny… This is my life, and I adore every aspect of it! Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (3/17-3/22): Female’s Lazy HD Instinct of Schizophrenia With Murlin Deryl and Ieyasu


Hey, I’m posting this ahead of schedule, because I plan on squealing over PAX East when it ends, where I’ll pretty much link to Destructoid’s coverage while typing out words of happy and cynicism.  But some stuff happened before that, so I’ll just talk about that.  Also, new title because I realized that I’ll just use this format for events as well.

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NWS (3/03-3/09) And God Said, “Let There Be Flying Piss Stained Panties”


NWS 6I’m screwed up because of daylight savings and a sore throat, so I’m just going to post my next adventure into video game reality and talk about what I saw.  So in one of my favorite quotables I will, “Just Go For It!”

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