Nigmabox Rundown (7/16-7/22) Get Foked For The Next Battle!

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Nigmabox Rundown (6/12) E3 2016: Boiling Points of Many Emotions

CookingWith a slew of leaks and early reveals out of the way, E3 has finally begun.  By which I mean that EA is holding an event outside of E3 around the same time.  The ever expanding Bethesda is getting early coverage by going one day before the press conferences traditionally begin.  While Kadokawa games, a growing publisher that isn’t even having a proper press conference, just a private media briefing…  Whatever, that’s good enough for me. Continue reading

The Wolf Among Us Review

The-Wolf-Among-UsOh goodie, another Telltale Games season that I plowed through rather quickly and walked away less than dazzled by, and having quite a bit of discomfort with what I just played, while being peased about how it was a different experience.  Yes, The Wolf Among Us was on my list of to-do for a while, and I finally dedicated two days to beat it.  I paid little mind to it during development, hoping it would pull another The Walking Dead Season One, but it did not.

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The Walking Dead Season Two Review

the-walking-dead-game-season-2-walkthroughOkay, Telltale’s The Walking Dead.  Opinion on the first season?  Delightful little gem that I think should be played if you happen to own one of the dozen devices it was released for.  However, following up on something that was lightning in a bottle and very much stood on its two legs several playthroughs in, and doing that while also making another title is a feat I would dub insane regardless of the pedigree.  So it is a bit sad that I have to say that I did not find season two to come notably as close as season one did in just about any of the factors that would place it highly on my favorite games list.  Yet I am one to provide reason for claims, and here is my review claiming why by dissecting season two to the best of my ability after one playthrough.  I originally intended two, but then Danganronpa went on sale and I wanted to play it in order for a semi-timely review… over a week after the sequel comes out. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (10/20-11/02) Sorry, I’ve Been… Look At The Bunnies

Bloomed Into Action AKA Yo Pussy

Yep, another double decker!  Meaning there are untouched paragraphs from the twenty-second and a length that is a bit longer than I would like.  With my image storage certainly dwindling, although I do occasionally find gems like the header.  It actually makes me really upset at how CrunchyRoll is handling their manga service, as it is both limited in terms of library and requires a subscription to view pages available on the internet.  I mean, really?  Limited to only the newest chapter for series that have been going on for volumes?  I’ll stick with hunting for delightfully insane stuff while procrastinating for my School Days review.  Because goldarn is that show boring!

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The Walking Dead Rereview

TWD-the-walking-dead-game-32546828-1280-800Okay, okay, okay.  I realize that I should not get into the habit of redoing everything I’ve ever done, but sometimes I want to replay a game after a while, and look back at my past review of said game and view it as lacking.  Yes, I said mostly nice things, but I don’t think I said them very well, and this will hopefully amend that.  That, and I wanted to get a refresher for 400 Days, which I’m not gonna review, because it would be two rather annoyed paragraphs. Continue reading

NWS (3/03-3/09) And God Said, “Let There Be Flying Piss Stained Panties”


NWS 6I’m screwed up because of daylight savings and a sore throat, so I’m just going to post my next adventure into video game reality and talk about what I saw.  So in one of my favorite quotables I will, “Just Go For It!”

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