Press-Switch v0.5a Review

A review I should’ve done four years ago.
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Student Transfer Version 2.0 Review

screenshot0195About one year ago, I reviewed Student Transfer version 1.4.  It quickly became one of my my popular posts of all time, seeing as how the post talked about a very obscure and niche game that was pretty much only talked about in its own forums and online message boards.  When combined with the fact that I really enjoyed my time with the game, it’s only natural that I would revisit this visual novel centering around transformations, body swapping, mind control, possession, and more.  But first, a bit of backstory.

Edit: I reviewed Student Transfer 3.0.
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Nigmabox Rundown 3/20-3/26 Fapsturbate 3: Master Class

0 Dont fap you by GashiGashiWell, nothing much happened this week, so I wrote up a little thing about my own weird views of sexuality that probably lacks the insight that I should have developed at this point, but that will probably not happen until I start visiting a head doctor who can lobotomized my noggin and go all Milda7 on my ass. Goodness, I just referenced a sissification artist, didn’t I? And I just linked to an NSFW hentai site… Whatever. It’s another week, so another rundown will ensue! Continue reading