Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme Review

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Nigmabox Rundown 3/20-3/26 Fapsturbate 3: Master Class

0 Dont fap you by GashiGashiWell, nothing much happened this week, so I wrote up a little thing about my own weird views of sexuality that probably lacks the insight that I should have developed at this point, but that will probably not happen until I start visiting a head doctor who can lobotomized my noggin and go all Milda7 on my ass. Goodness, I just referenced a sissification artist, didn’t I? And I just linked to an NSFW hentai site… Whatever. It’s another week, so another rundown will ensue! Continue reading

Student Transfer Version 1.4 Review

2015-11-25_00015Okay, there is a lot to unpack here.  One, Student Transfer is a collaborative visual novel made by the some people over at  Two, the game uses assets ripped from ‘adult’ Japanese visual novels, though it censors the naughtier bits.  Three, this is simply a review of the first publicly released build, after the implementation of a couple patches.  Four, this was made in about three and a half months, which includes pre-production.  Also, I’ve been following this game’s production since its inception, and since it was an idea introduced in the Press-Switch thread.

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Verde’s Doohickey

I am pleased to announce that after several months I have finally finished my first non-anthology novel, Verde’s Doohickey!

What is it about?  Well, I am not particularly good at reducing my own work to its most core and basic elements, but Verde’s Doohickey is a story about friendship, body swapping, anxiety, the rewriting and alteration of reality, along with some other miscellaneous teenage shenanigans.

It’s a story I put everything I could into, and I hope you will enjoy reading a fraction as much as I enjoyed writing.

Please use this publicly accessible GoogleDoc to download the novel into a format of your choice.