Evoland 2 Review

Two weeks ago, I revisited Evoland, a somewhat cute yet insubstantial homage to The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy that, despite holding a modicum of charm, ultimately amounted to an underwhelming adventure with an incredible amount of missed potential.  Potential that could very well be pursued through a sequel, but that really is not the case with Evoland 2.  Instead, the game aims to be something different and notably grander than its predecessor, but amounts to a significantly worse and less interesting title. Continue reading


Evoland Review

So, I was not intending on reviewing Evoland, mostly on account of having already reviewed it nearly 4 years ago.  But I recently replayed it to provide a better reference for my Evoland II review, which is not done yet because I have been unable to clear Evoland II yet, on account of a scheduling error on my part.  Now, I could just go a week without reviewing a game, but I’ve got a good record going for me, and the more I thought about it, I have enough to say about this game in particular to warrant a full review. Continue reading

Evoland Review

Evoland-LogoIt’s no question that games have changed dramatically over the thirty plus years they’ve been in the popular culture.  Sure, that can be said about nearly every medium, as time alters and most often enhances it as it grows bigger and attracts more and more creators to reshape the medium into something nobody would ever think of back during its birth.  Which is the best introduction I can think of to talk about a game about video game evolution, creatively called Evoland.  Which I’ve got about a page of things to say about.

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