Gemini: Heroes Reborn Review

Back in 2013, a little known Chicago based game developer by the name of Phosphor Games announced Project Awakened, an incredibly ambitious superhero game that promised to offer an, in retrospect, downright absurd level of customization and variability compared to other games on the market, all powered by the then new Unreal Engine 4.  It stuck with me for quite a while, even after the independently developed game failed to accrue the needed funds via Kickstarter, and the project was supposedly cancelled.  But the developers apparently were able to salvage enough of their work and concepts to create a brief game that also served as a tie-in to some TV show I have never heard of… Which I guess is still something. Continue reading


NWS (3/03-3/09) And God Said, “Let There Be Flying Piss Stained Panties”


NWS 6I’m screwed up because of daylight savings and a sore throat, so I’m just going to post my next adventure into video game reality and talk about what I saw.  So in one of my favorite quotables I will, “Just Go For It!”

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NWS (2/03-2/09) Racist Residents, Awakened All-Stars, Lackluster Legends, and Impossible Inquiries

NSW Header

Let’s see how things went last week… no reaction, lovely!  Not that it matters to me, because I just like writing, but hopefully if I keep doing something, I can at least get a fish.  Because there is truly not a more noble weapon.
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