Nigmabox Rundown (6/18-6/24) The Urge To Consume Drives Us Onward

As is customary in the realm of Gamindustri, the time after E3 is often rife with a lack of news as the press recuperates from their hectic schedule.  Meanwhile, all the teenyboppers and overzealous adults who wound up with hype hangovers from the event are given the chance to partake in the annual Steam summer sale in order to gain a collection of dramatically marked down games that they may or may not get around to playing.  Though, the deals are not as supple as they used to be, sadly. Continue reading


Nigmabox Rundown (6/14-6/17) E3 2017: The Psycho Wars Shall Return

Well, the week has passed and E3 2017 has ended, and before I know it, it will be E3 2018 and I will be doing this whole shebang all over again, except then I will be further along in my transition and be far more pretty.  Normally not much news comes outside of the press conferences, but there were enough stories to justify a traditional rundown, so I’ll just get started. Continue reading

E3 2014 Conference Rundown: Goodbye Despair, Hello Eighth Generation(?)

Fuck E3

It is rather pointless for a little slice of nowhere blog with only a small number of views to do a summarization of the E3 press events, especially when they were not watching them live due to real life events, such as work. But I got home to catch the latter two, and catch up with the former before Nintendo did their event and managed to get everything done before Tuesday’s end… well after everybody and their brother did their own version of this, and often far better than my assorted ramblings that are made all the dumber by the insertion of anime screencaps. It’s Nigmabox’s third annual Super E3 Rundown!

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Nigmabox Rundown (5/04-5/10) The Evils of 100+ Hour Games Are Pure and Vile

KLK Mom Please Stop me from being evil and bad parents control your kids they are wild jojo cosplayersAs of writing this, I am over 30 hours into Persona 4: The Golden Boys, which is an 80-90 hours JRPG made for another 50 hours playthrough, and maybe a 40 hour one following that.  I really do wish I decided to play it on very easy, as I would be able to spend a fifth as much time in the dungeons, which I spent 5-7 hours in during one session as it is the most effective means of gaining levels and not needing to worry about the combat.  Yet, going into the combat after messing around with social links and high school shenanigans feels like it is from a completely different game.  I’m still enjoying it though. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (10/20-11/02) Sorry, I’ve Been… Look At The Bunnies

Bloomed Into Action AKA Yo Pussy

Yep, another double decker!  Meaning there are untouched paragraphs from the twenty-second and a length that is a bit longer than I would like.  With my image storage certainly dwindling, although I do occasionally find gems like the header.  It actually makes me really upset at how CrunchyRoll is handling their manga service, as it is both limited in terms of library and requires a subscription to view pages available on the internet.  I mean, really?  Limited to only the newest chapter for series that have been going on for volumes?  I’ll stick with hunting for delightfully insane stuff while procrastinating for my School Days review.  Because goldarn is that show boring!

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Nigmabox Rundown (9/15-9/21) Stuff Is Happening And Stuff

Space FartsNow what antics do I have to begin this week’s assortment of recapped game news?  Well, I’ve been playing Psychonauts, and committed heresy by not liking the copious amounts of jank that it shares with Beyond Good and Evil.  Also I’ve been reading the Dragon Ball manga, which is pretty rad and weird, but was very clearly made up as things went on for a bit too long.  Also, I have narrative qualms about Attack On Titan, which I’ll post a review of before the end of the month.  Now what else happened aside from GTA V being a thing? Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (4/28-5/04) I’m Allergic to Your Very Soul Vidja Glums!

KS I am Sick NRI spent a while thinking if I should bring up the Dragon’s Crown Kerfuffle, and it seems like an alright opener.  If this was done solely to get more media attention to Dragon’s Crown, good job Vanillaware.  Now if only they would take it to the true extremes, which would probably just be levitating spheres bigger than watermelons that do most of the battling.  Either way I want to buy the game solely for the overly exaggerated and sorta gross in a good way character designs.  Just need to get that Vita.

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