Nigmabox Rundown (3/04-3/10) Stop Everything! Press-Switch Is Out!

So, a new build of Press-Switch came out, utterly surprising me, and as is always the case with releases of this game, or its sister title Student Transfer, it shot straight up on my priority list.  Except this time I am actually going to review this latest build V0.5a, even though it is largely a revision that does not have most of the content, as, due to coding issues and a desire to change the introduction, the game needs to basically be remade.  That would be enough to dissuade me in most cases, but screw it, I’ve wanted to review this game for almost 4 bloody years, and I’m gonna do it! At least, after I put out this massive Rundown.
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Borderlands 2 Review

2015-06-25_00019I viewed the first Borderlands to be of so little value, to be so worthless, that it is the only game I threw in the trash.  More specifically, I threw it into a ditch just outside of my childhood Kindergarten, which I walk past whenever coming home from school.  That ditch only really existed to prevent flooding, by gathering excess sewage water and was likely an incredibly filthy place that I rolled around in regularly as a child.  It also had these metal sewage gates that I always wanted to wander into, but I was too afraid of crocodiles to do so… Anyhow, I gave money to a Video Game Museum and was given Borderlands 2 was a reward.  And despite having given it twenty hours about a year and a half ago, I decided that I would give the series a… fourth chance.  However, I was only able to get about twenty-eight hours through the game before I hit my threshold and dropped the game like a backpack full of rocks, glad to be rid of it. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (1/8-1/24) The Sexually Dynamic Potato-Fish

0PGOS Homosexuality man romance gayLet’s see… how can I alienate everybody before I get around to my stupid recounting of video game news…  I think Final Fantasy XV would more more interesting if it, well, did a number of things, but just went out and said that the four main characters who are dressed like K-pop idols were all gay, and had sex with each other on the regular.  And in order to make sure not skirts dare infest their manly game where you mash buttons to do a very nice buff supplying anal, make them the subset of gay men who think that women are only good for making more gay men and more women that can be made pregnant using their glorious manly cum. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (9/01-9/07) I Really Needta Watch More Animes

Fart ballsOkay, I’m just gonna get the minor stuff out of the way in this intro.  Bravely Default will indeed be the updated version when it comes overseas, as well as be a “demo” for the sequel coming in late 2014 if I had an inkling.  Xbox One is coming out on November 22nd because it’s the Xbox 360’s anniversary.  Dead Rising 3 continues to look more like a game worth playing, though it is here where I realize how much of a sexist asshole I am, as I would only want to play it as a female character.  While Xseed is localizing the Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky sequel and PS3 redux.  Which I’ll probably review sometime next year, as they will receive PC releases to boot.  Also EA claimed they were being risky dogs because they’re making Star Wars video games.  On with the show!

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NWS (2/10-2/16) Unlimited Colonies: Essentially Direct Controller of the Dar


Nobody seems to notice, but I find this to be fun, so let’s go for another weekly segment where the game news is talked about.  From the week of February tenth to the sixteenth. with another title I made up right before posting.  Yip-yip, ya donkeys!
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NWS (2/03-2/09) Racist Residents, Awakened All-Stars, Lackluster Legends, and Impossible Inquiries

NSW Header

Let’s see how things went last week… no reaction, lovely!  Not that it matters to me, because I just like writing, but hopefully if I keep doing something, I can at least get a fish.  Because there is truly not a more noble weapon.
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