Darksiders Warmastered Edition Review

“Natalie, why do you do this to yourself?”  Do what to myself, voice in my head?  “Why are you going back to a game that you remember disliking when you played it 5 years ago?”  Because I always felt that I should actually like this game, and wanted to give it another shake.  “Even after re-reading your original review?”  Well, I tried to.  My writing was just awful back then.  “You know, you sometimes have a really bad tendency for self-destructive behavior.”  I know voice in my head, I know. Continue reading


Nigmabox Rundown (4/30-5/06) Which Breath of The Wild Dub Is The Least Worse?

One of the more upsetting things for me about Breath of the Wild, at least conceptually, as I have yet to play the game, is how there was no option to change the spoken language of its characters without also changing the in-game text.  It is a petty thing, but I never associated the denizens of Hyrule as being English speakers, as the snippets of Hylian featured in prior games did not sound like English.  I bring this up because the ability to change the spoken language was added with a recent patch, but now I need to figure out which dub sounds the best, or the least worse. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (5/11-5/17) The Life Is Not A Thing Anybody Needs

0MAri we are both human so it is okay you crazy girl why is everythign so awkward and weird fuck this noise in pussy holeIt is three weeks before E3, I am starting a job with my mother where I need to get up at 6:30, and have several others I may pursue.  I am playing a ton of P4G, current 75 hours in, and am still trying to get some content up regularly despite having nothing prepared or planned aside from a cynically written Castle Crashers review I do not want to finish, as it sucks.  Life is pretty good for me as a whole and I am actually making progress in part two of my three part novel.  Oh, and just as a note, do not expect an anime review this month, as P4G is enough anime for me… God, my review of that game will be four pages at this rate.  Oh, and I had to film a bunch of children to get $60, so I am tired as I am posting this… thing. Continue reading

Darksiders II Review

darksiders-2-wallpaper-968716You ever play a game and revisit it a while later and question why you did not notice the many flaws it had?  Well, this is one of those reviews, as I previously looked over Darksiders II when the game was fresh and THQ was still alive.  But now that the company is no more, I got a free copy, and felt like giving the game another whirl, I feel the need to verbally express my opinions on a game that is already more or less forgotten.  Also, I didn’t actually beat it a second time through, I just got right up to the final dungeon and decided that I wanted to play something else. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (4/21-4/27) Those Delightful Diamond Dog Days

Bif old bootThe world was his oyster, or at least that’s what he always said.  Running around the country for 25 years, twice his expected life span.  No one cared or noticed, he was just a stray mutt.  Still, he bounced between owners, shelters, and even demonstrated his powers in the war.  He was effectively a monster who would bite your dick off even after taking some buck to the ass.  He never had a proper name,  I just call him boss, the leader of the Diamond Dogs… It was either that or, “I know she’s got a booty, and damn is it a cutie, so I’ll go, back it up like a dump truck, gotta get it in and pump-”  Which while fun, I prefer writing about immortal dogs biting off knobs, oh and video games.

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Nigmabox Rundown (3/27-3/31) Miniature Space Horses To The Sexy Pickle

Rundown of Seduction

Crap, I didn’t plan ahead an April Fools idea!  Damn you Spring Break, and your encouragement to dates being a distilled unreality!  Now I’ve got to post the handful of stories I felt like talking about in the shortest Rundown/NWS yet.  I blame the PAX for leaving me with just 6 topics!  And GDC for not being reported on due to a plethora of presentations as the core focus.

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