Nigmabox Rundown (2/04-2/10) Natalie Needs To Stop!

So, you know how I posted my review of Fire Emblem Heroes earlier this week and ended the review by saying that I would stop playing?  I’ve been learning how hard that actually is and that lifestyle games are pretty much the worst thing I could have ever gotten into.  Knowing that if I stop playing the game, I may forever miss out on various bits of content is genuinely disconcerting to me, and because of that, I do not know how to distance myself from the game.  I need to stop, but it’s hard!
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Nigmabox Rundown (6/13) E3 2016: Your Ambition Is Irrelevant


There is a lot of content to cover, so let’s jump right into it.  A rundown detailing the E3 2016 presentations of Microsoft, PC Gamer and AMD, Ubisoft, and Sony.  There’s a stupid amount of content to cover, and simply getting all of this done in one day has proved to be quite the challenge.  So let’s go! Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (11/23-12/07): That Upset VGX Hangover

Diggers Go To JailYeah, past two weeks have been slowing down, and everything is going to wind to a halt come the post Christmas lull.  With people looking forward to a very fruitful Q1 for 2014, and looking back at the prior year to hand out awards, which I plan on doing along with some work on the actual infrastructure of this blog… I basically did that, apparently.  Now to just finish the draft for Punky & Yuccot: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure.

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Nigmabox Rundown (11/17-11/23) Right, Right, I’ll Get Your Sandwich In a Minute

Fuck Yo Ass DiggzIt’s funny that some of the best games in one of the best months for this industry in quite some time are not for the heavily hyped Gen8 machines.  With the 3DS, Vita, and Wii U all having one spectacular title to swing around like a sixteen inch penis.  As if there were any real reason to not adopt boxes that may have a few good games like Resolution-gun, Fort-za 5, and the Bread Rising part three.  Not that I will get either until 2016, as the Wii U will remain cheap and Vita will grow an even more keen library as the memory cards finally stop being moronically expensive.  Seriously, a 32GB card is more than my 1TB backup hard drive.

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