The End of 2017!

The obligatory year end post!
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Cosmic Star Heroine Review

Cosmic Star Heroine was originally unveiled alongside a Kickstarter way back in October of 2013 where it was poised to be both a loving throwback of RPG of the late 16-bit era such as Lunar: Eternal Blue, Phantasy Star, and Chrono Trigger, while also defying many of the genre norms in order to offer a more engaging and streamlined experience.  Not unlike the prior titles from its two-man developer, Zeboyd Games, such as Cthulhu Saves The World.  I certainly held high hopes for this game, having backed it three and a half years ago, but after going through it to completion, I could not help but feel a little underwhelmed Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (9/29-10/05) All I Need Is Pokemon

Pokemon-XY-pokemon-34679625-1024-768…All of this?  I only care about it a morsel as much as I care about Pokemon X/Y.  I’ve been following the Neogaf thread about it and goddamn am I excited.  I know, the “fun” is in discovering the new Pokemons you never heard of.  Well, not for me.  I’ve just been planning and preparing everything for my big rush into the Kalos region where I have the stupid, stupid, stupid goal of getting them all.  Every poop licking Pocket Monster there is…  Now, could one of you sexy young infants help me find my marbles?  I’ll check and see if any flew up your assholes.

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Nigmabox Rundown (8/25-8/31) This Is PAX Week And Jack Came From It

I dunnoGotta keep on posting stuff or else I will be set on fire by the God King!  Row Row Write The Power! Continue reading