Nigmabox Rundown (6/16) E3 2015: It’s Over And I’m Not Particularly Happy…


And E3 is done… Kinda.  Yes, I know the first proper day just happened, but after the press events, my work is mostly done, and 90% of the announcements are out of the way.  It’s just impressions from here on out, which is just dandy in my book.  However, Nintendo, Square Enix, and AMD all had press conferences, so I’ll just get to explaining what the blazes they were about, and what my Autistic mind thought about them. Continue reading


Nigmabox Rundown (1/05-1/11) Break in the Fresh Year With Fresh… Stuff?

SEXI recently had a discussion with my friend before he went back into the Negaverse for the next couple months about Smash Brothers, and the idea of build up for a game.  Yes, it’s nice that we got the King Dedede’s reveal, but it is also somewhat expected and could have likely been announced early on, even if the model was incomplete.  But no, the information needs to be a trickle in order to cause buzz about it which… actually this is a dumb topic that sounded better before I realized this friend has friends who are big in games as competition.  Those people are dumb, they’re called games for a reason, dawg.

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Nigmabox Rundown of E3 2013: Day 1 – Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, and Sony, oh Jeepers!

Who do I need to scrub like a stain for Having the majority of E3 conferences cram up one single day?  Personally, I am starting college today with a summer session.  Leaving when Microsoft begins their talks, and coming back when EA begins.  However, I managed to watch all the press conferences and give my impressions.  So I’ll just leave this here and sleep up as I regret being a bit outrageous with my emotions because I’m just so overwhelmed with the feels! Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (3/17-3/22): Female’s Lazy HD Instinct of Schizophrenia With Murlin Deryl and Ieyasu


Hey, I’m posting this ahead of schedule, because I plan on squealing over PAX East when it ends, where I’ll pretty much link to Destructoid’s coverage while typing out words of happy and cynicism.  But some stuff happened before that, so I’ll just talk about that.  Also, new title because I realized that I’ll just use this format for events as well.

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NWS (2/24-3/02): Bake The World Into an Omelette and Shove it Up Your Arse

NWS 5Huh, five weeks in already?  Maybe I can actually keep up this charade for a year, or however long I can do it without being bored out of my skull.  But how can I be when talking about them vidja garmes?
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