Nigmaboc Rundown (4/09-4/15) Q1 2017 Was The Best Quarter For Video Games

Recently, discussions have begun about how 2017 might just be one of the best years in video gaming, as the first quarter of the year was home to an excess of stellar titles.  However, I can’t help but find any of those claims to be a bit overly presumptuous, as the year is still beginning.  But if people were instead talking about how Q1 was the best quarter in the history of gaming, then that it both entirely justifiable, and those people are probably right considering the number of great games that came out in those 90 days.  The only one of which I played was Dragon Quest VIII…  Man, I am really disconnected from the cultural zeitgeist.   Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (13/12-19/12) Build A Computer And Throw It In The Trash!

0 PL Computer Technology ConsoleI finished school for the semester, am almost done with the initial draft for my next novel, or rather novella, and I just built a new computer, and have spent the past few hours getting everything up to snuff.  It required a lot of editing and modifying to the main software itself, mostly through things like Classic Shell because Microsoft doesn’t deserve the borderline monopoly they have.  So look forward to game reviews based on far stronger hardware, and some more graphically demanding games. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (28/12-03/1) Fart 4 Friendshipping

0 KLK DOuble Friendship surpriseWell, 2015 is now upon us.  It is a nice number, multiple of five, and has a nice calendar.  It also happens to be the year where I will set a few of my upcoming novellas during, as I am the sort of guy who needs to tell the reader the date when writing a story.  It is a dumb obsessive trait that I will probably never work out of, mostly due to how I doubt anybody will ever talk to me about my stories.  Hell, they are a secret to everybody I know off of the interwebs, partially due to how I lack any friends… Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (15/9-21/9) Stuff Is Happening And Stuff

Space FartsNow what antics do I have to begin this week’s assortment of recapped game news?  Well, I’ve been playing Psychonauts, and committed heresy by not liking the copious amounts of jank that it shares with Beyond Good and Evil.  Also I’ve been reading the Dragon Ball manga, which is pretty rad and weird, but was very clearly made up as things went on for a bit too long.  Also, I have narrative qualms about Attack On Titan, which I’ll post a review of before the end of the month.  Now what else happened aside from GTA V being a thing? Continue reading