Novels & Novellas

In addition to writing about video games, I also write long form fiction.  Since September 2012, I’ve been able to create two failed narrative series, two novels, and eight novellas.  However, due to the growing quality of my current work and the lack of quality in my earlier work, I have removed most of my writings from my blog.  I will eventually write summaries of these stories for those who are curious, but that is low on my to-do list.

For now, enjoy the available stories, and let me know what you think about them.

Maple Loves Senpai: A love story in the loosest sense, Maple Loves Senpai is the tale of an unremarkable Japanese high school girl, Meipuru Tsuri, who fuses with her would be lover, and discovers she has the ability to absorb other people, and alter her body accordingly. Hi-jinks, murder, pseudo-eroticism, and the appropriation of cultural archetypes ensue in this eccentric and lighthearted romp.

The Malice of Abigale Quinlan: The sequel to Verde’s Doohickey. Jad Novus’ body was stolen by the malicious miscreant Abigale Quinlan, leaving him a thousand miles away from home. Jad wakes up in his new form only to discover that his name is now infamous with murder, and his life as he knows it is over. Jad must return home, clear his name, convince others who he is, and learn the secrets that come with his new body. Join him in this perverse dark drama dripping with danger, determination, despair, pseudo-perverted shenanigans, dread, and the antics of a sassy artificial intelligence named Peatrice.

Verde’s Doohickey: Jad Novus and his friends are lucky enough to receive a mysterious body switching device from an enigmatic individual known as Verde Dusk. With this incredible power at their disposal, they set off an a low key adventure about friendship, anxiety, the alteration and rewriting of reality, and other miscellaneous teenage shenanigans.

Early Work:

A Vile Doohickey: A group of friends who find a body swapping remote, their bonds and friendship growing stronger because of it, and a series of chaotic events that ensue from its extended use. Well, in addition to being something of a pilot for a series I was planning, one dealing with god-like beings creating alternate realities, and a wad of other rubbish.

The Transformation, Ascension, and Degeneration of Terra: An anthology novel released on September 11th, 2014. It contained Terrance & Urabe’s Alien Assassination Adventure, Return of Mighty Terra: 2052 – The DNApocalypse, and Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR).

Terrance & Urabe’s Alien Assassination Adventure: Terrance is a reclusive young man is tormented by Urabe, an android from space, as she goes on her way and murders elusive aliens who have indoctrinated themselves in human society.  All before Terrance becomes Terrantina, the mightiest force the world has ever known.

Return of Mighty Terra: 2052 – The DNApocalypse: After Terrantina became the world’s favoritest waifu, she awakens to find the world in shambles after every human being on the planet transformed, and takes it upon herself to save the world.  Though, she doesn’t do much other than sit in a truck so she can get back home.

Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πeR): A story about the demigod and reality rewriting figure named Vincent Dawn.  Particularly his exploits involving an angry young man with a black heart and a hack of a mental disorder, who switches bodies with his college-age caretaker, and awakens his long dormant psychic powers.  Along with a spunky little girl who runs away from home and discovers an ancient artifact that tells her of her ensuing heroic destiny.  Though, it’s mostly goofy and gross nonsense loosely tied to that chuunibyou nonsense. 

The Body of Raiyne: An anthology novel released on April 1st, 2014. It contained Raiyne’s Whimsy, My Life As Abigale Quinlan, and Punky’s Post-Apocalyptic Adventure.

Raiyne’s Whimsy: Raiyne Underwood is a reclusive young woman whose world gets flip turned upside down when she learns that her seldomly seen uncle is a hunter of monsters, and joins him in his battle to defend their home town of Rainy Woods from the interdimensional invaders.  At least until everything goes horribly wrong.

My Life As Abigale Quinlan: Jad Spencer is a high shcool boy who is lucky enough to wind up in the body of a demigod and terrorist by the name of Abigale Quinlan, who is also kinda sexy.  Hilarity ensues as he is tormented by an artificial intelligence who wants him to abuse his divine powers and become the best murderer in all the land.

Punky’s Post-Apocalyptic Adventure:  The world turned to crap years ago, and its salvation lies in Punky, a strange childish being who fell from the stars. It is up to her to bring salvation to this tattered planet and unlock the mysteries behind the only standing institution in this worn world, that of V-City.

Intertoids: A series of hallucinogen inspired (not really) ramblings pertaining about universal singularities, and several internet personalities.  Namely Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes, Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw, Max Scoville, Tara Long, Jon Jafari, Arin Hanson, and Lily Peet (before she came out as transgender).


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