Nigmabox Rundowns

Updated 12/15/2017

12/10-12/16: Let The Hiatus Begin!
12/03-12/09: Rest Before The Final Battle!
11/26-12/02: Natalie Loves Video Game History

11/19-11/25: Clothes Are My Enemy!
11/12-11/18: Ultra Gripe Leads To Ultra Delay!
11/05-11/11: Sonic Team Made An Oopsie!
10/29-11/04: Natalie Vs. Finance

10/22-10/28: A New And Less Sexual Era
10/15-10/21: A Master No More!
10/08-10/14: The Return of Press-Switch!
10/01-10/07: My Dear’s Danganronpa Dilemma

9/24-9/30: A 13-Year-Old Dream Lives On!
9/17-9/23: Natalie Plays Handhelds Wrong!
9/10-9/16: Video Games Can Hurt Sometimes
9/03-9/09: Natalie Forgets Easily
8/27-9/02: The Future Will Hold Less Despair

8/20-8/26: Natalie Will Spend All Her Money!
8/13-8/19: I’m A Weird Sonic Fan
8/06-8/12: Natalie Has A Weird Brain
7/30-8/05: Gamindustri Is A Bizarre Adventure

7/23-7/29: Much Ado About Rambles
7/16-7/22: Get Foked For The Next Battle!
7/09-7/15: Natalie Will Need A New Box
7/02-7/08: I Am Surprised By My Ability To Function
6/25-7/01: The Consumption Continues As Gods Are Devoured

6/18-6/24: The Urge To Consume Drives Us Onward
6/14-6/17: E3 2017: The Psycho Wars Shall Return
6/13: E3 2017: Prelude To Final Climax
6/12: E3 2017: I Really Should Have Taken Off Work Today
6/11: E3 2017: Return Of The Busiest Time In My Life
6/04-6/10: PRE3 2017: Lower Your Expectations For Maximum Happiness!
5/28-6/03: Natalie Avoided Wasting A Bunch Of Time!

5/21-5/27: Cheap Cheap Cheap’s The Name Of My Soul
5/14-5/20: Oops! I Accidentally Ripped-Off An Erotic Manga
5/07-5/13: God Eating Is Convoluted
4/30-5/06: Which Breath of The Wild Dub Is The Least Worse?

4/23-4/29: I Never Played A PS2 Game
4/16-4/22: She Is Envious Of That Man’s Breasts
4/09-4/15: Q1 2017 Was The Best Quarter For Video Games
4/02-4/08: Nintendo is Memetic For Their Ineptitude
3/26-4/01: The Fool’s Day Is Rubbish And Cruel

3/19-3/25: Work Quantity Is How Humans Are And Should Be Judged
3/12-3/18: A Galaxy of Probable Disappointment
3/05-3/11: Coming Soon: The Future
2/26-3/04: Welcome To The Future, Kid

2/19-2/25: Murder Your Family For Maximum Power
2/12-2/18: “S**T Square Enix!” Yoko Taro Said
2/05-2/11: Time Travel Is Always A Mistake
1/29-2/04: Simple and Clean Is The Way

1/22-1/28: Natalie Is A Finicky Young Woman
1/15-1/21: Super Mario World Adventure DX Director’s Cut 2 Battle & Knuckles
1/08-1/14: Switch It Up 2: The Electric Switcheroo
1/01-1/07: Much Ado About PC Ports and Little Else

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