The End of 2017!

The obligatory year end post!
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The End of 2016!

p4g-fin-the-end-goodbye-forever-i-am-done-with-thisSeeing as how the year is at its end, it is time to look back and assess 2016.  There were some real bad things that happened throughout the past 366 days, most of them relating to the world at large, but the year did have some high points, at least for me.  I started my gender transition, met my significant other, put out a novel and novella, started attending a real college, and started a new better job.  I also reviewed over fifty games this past year, many of which I loved, and I feel it is appropriate to summarize and celebrate my favorite special treats I’ve indulged in throughout 2016.   Continue reading

2015 Rundowns

2015 Rundowns:

20/12-26/12: Hiding My Depression And Self-Loathing
13/12-19/12: Build A Computer And Throw It In The Trash!
06/12-12/12: A Most Leaky Upset For All The Boys And Girls
29/11-05/12: NDR3NSEK+TGAPSX

22/11-28/11: Everything Was A Mistake
15/11-21/11: Despair Deepens
08/11-14/11: Growing Up Is Hard
01/11-07/11: Fallout 4: Coming 2017

25/10-31/10: Sophisticated Sadism, Silliness, Schizophrenia, and Savagery
18/10-24/10: The Super Seuxal Anthropomorphized Doughnut BBW Fart Queen
11/10-17/10: Feces Makes The Heart Go Yonder
04/10-10/10: Pi Piru Piru Piru Pi Piru Pi!
27/9-03/10: Rundown CXXXIV: The Darkening

20/9-26/9: Oh Right, I Almost Forgot About You!
13/9-19/9: TGS: 2015 Edition – Darkest Despair!
06/9-12/9: Chronologically Correct Sonic OSTs
30/8-05/9: Metal Gear Anx!ety: Borderline Obsessive Perfectionist

23/8-29/8: pornography_is_destructive.mp3
16/8-22/8: Forever A Foul Failure
09/8-15/8: Verde’s Doohickey Is An Act Of Plagiarism… I Think
02/8-08/8: I Would Like Some Friends…
26/7-01/8: Set Gamindustri On Fire And Beat Off On The Flames

19/7-25/7: *Insert Vaguely Threatening And Concerning Line Here*
12/7-18/7: A Disgrace to the Glorious Name of Autism
05/7-11/7: Miscellaneous Mildly Angry Grumbling
28/6-04/7: Many Monobears Masturbating

21/6-27/6: Mild Mannered Panick
17/6-20/6: Video Games Were A Mistake; They’re Nothing But Trash
16/6 Only: It’s Over And I’m Not Particularly Happy…
15/6 Only: I’m a Stealthy little Office Lady!
14/6 Only: Solid Fap Interactive Softworks – A Subsidiary of Flare Enterprises
07/6-13/6: PRE3 2015: A Leaky Prelude To Devastation
31/5-06/6: The Japanese Localization Building-School

24/5-30/5: Old Tech Can Kiss My Butt!
17/5-23/5: Apologies and Lies
10/5-16/5: I Don’t Care About My Privacy
03/5-09/5: Sad Land
26/4-02/5: Cut Off My Balls, I Don’t Need Them

19/4-25/4: Everybody Loot Konami’s Corpse For Bonus EXP!
12/4-18/4: I’m Hiding From Them Despair Bugs
05/4-11/4: High Impact Sexual Violence: Gooey Edition
29/3-04/4: Fetal Position

22/3-28/3: D is for Despair, Demise, Death, Desecration, Devastation, etc.
15/3-21/3: Obey The Rules of Nature or Die!
08/3-14/3: Because… Shut Up!
01/3-07/3: …Yeah, I’m A Bad Person

22/2-28/2: My Output Has Been Murdered; Prepare The Bullets Of Justice
15/2-21/2: Some Variant of Weaboo
08/2-14/2: You Shouldn’t Exist, Subhuman Scum!
01/2-07/2: Hyperdimension Neptunia Xtreme Victory II: Lavindation of Crystalia

25/1-31/1: A Pre-Sexual attraction To Murder
18/1-24/1: The Sexually Dynamic Potato-Fish
11/1-17/1: Let Nintendo’s Train Penetrate Your Butthole, Dummy!
04/1-10/1: Dial Doctor Genocider ‘Cos I’m A Lazy Boy
28/12-03/1: Fart 4 Friendshipping

2014 Rundowns

2013 Rundowns

Thank Goodness: 2015 Is Dead!

HeroJob It Looks like brains were yanked out this is random and should not be happy awkward shitYeah, this year was really not very good for me.  There was a lot of self loathing, depression, and general bad feelings all around, and on top of everything, I really did not beat a lot of video games.  A total of 29 game reviews went out this year, due in part to there not being a lot of games in my library that I really wanted to play, or games that I could not play very well with my hardware.  I hope to get to more games in 2016 than I did in 2015, but as is customary, here are my top… 4 games I played for the first time in 2015, listed in the order in which I played them. Continue reading

Nigmabox Update 4/01/2015: No Jokes, Just Updates

1 DR Bored now going to get on with it next here we goAlright, as I am writing this I am just getting over a lump of depression and inferiority, which has technically been bugging me my entire life, but it has sprung up, I dunno, at least twenty times this year alone, which is probably not healthy, but so is having such shit output for the past quarter.  That’s a fourth of a year and I’ve got 60 years left, so I basically just wasted .5% of my remaining life force, like an idiot… Okay, maybe the depression has just manifested itself in another form, but onto what I want to discuss… in something that is indeed going up on April First, but is not a joke in any way, shape, or form. Continue reading

2014 Game Review List

Planetarian: The Reverie of a Little Planet – Distinguished (8.0/10)
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire – Distinguished (8.0/10)
A Bird Story – If You Like To The Moon (Bird/10)

Sonic Adventure 2 – Aspie (Shadow/10)
Sonic Adventure DX – Aspie (Sonic/10)
Two Worlds II – Alright (6.5/10)
Shan Gui – Subpar (4.0/10)
Yin-Yang: X-Change Alternative – Meager (3.5/10)

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Distinguished (8.0/10)
Spec Ops: The Line – Alright (6.5/10)
Batman: Arkham City – Solid (7.5/10)
Sonic Generations – Alright (6.5/10)
Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair – Exquisite (9.0/10)

The Wolf Among Us Season One – Solid (7.0/10)
Saints Row: The Third – Alright (6.5/10)
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc – Exquisite (9.0/10)
The Walking Dead Season Two – Distinguished (8.0/10)

Cinders – Alright (6.5/10)
Bravely Default – Nope (2.0/10)
Rogue Legacy – Exquisite (9.0/10)
Kirby: Triple Deluxe – Alright (6.5/10)

Strider (2014) – Mediocre (5.0/10)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Infinite Self Loathing (N/A)
The Stanley Parable – Utter Delight (10/10)
Ducktales Remastered – Alright (6.0/10)
Skyborn – Mediocre (5.0/10)

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger – Alright (6.5/10)
Lococycle – Subpar (4.0/10)
Muramasa Rebirth – Meager (3.5/10)
Stick It To The Man – Alright (6.5/10)
Sonic Adventure 2 – Subpar (4.0/10)

Persona 4 Golden – Distinguished (8.5/10)
Batman Arkham Asylum – Solid (7.5/10)
Cave Story+ – Alright (6.0/10)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Exquisite (9.5/10)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Distinguished (8.0/10)
Final Fantasy VII – Meager (3.0/10)
Magical Diary – Alright (6.0/10)
Go! Go! Nippon ~My First Trip To Japan~ – Solid (7.5/10)
Symphony – Solid (7.0/10)
Splinter Cell Conviction – Alright (6.0/10)

Metro: Last Light – Solid (7.5/10)
Binary Domain – Mediocre (5.5/10)

SteamWorld Dig – Distinguished (8.0/10)
Chibi-Robo! – Happy (N/A)
Borderlands 2 – Fart (N/A)
Alice Madness Returns – Meager (3.0/10)
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Subpar (4.0/10)

The Darkness II – Solid (7.0/10)
Just Cause 2 – Dull (N/A)
Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death – Solid (7.5/10)
Valdis Story: Abyssal City – Blech (N/A)
Final Fantasy VI Advance – Classic, but Flawed (N/A)
Darksiders II – Alright (6.0/10)