Psycho Shatter Will Not Be Released

Back in August, I announced that I would revise some of my earlier works in order to correct minor missteps or errors that I missed during my first editing of them.  This resulted in the current versions of Verde’s Doohickey and The Malice of Abigale Quinlan.  This was done in order to bring these stories up to a level where I was not only comfortable sharing them with the world, but comfortable with the prospect of selling and distributing them, which I intend to do sometime before year’s end.

I also intended to go back and heavily revise and rewrite one of my earlier stories, Psycho Shatter (95YcH0_Sh4πəR).  However, due to difficulties I encountered with retaining the spirit of the original story, the general story, and the crass eclectic personality, I have decided against making this story publicly available.  I tried very hard to make this a story I was proud of, but in order to do that, I would need to retell and rewrite the entirety of the story, and deviate the storyline away from what was originally intended in a substantial manner.  

I apologize for, well, lying to anybody who happened to read my site and whose hopes rose in light of this news.  But I will not release a novella or novel that I am not happy with the quality of, hence why I removed my earlier work from this site in its entirety.  That said, for those who are curious, I will actually begin working on synopsis for these early stories as I resume work on my next major writing project, Psycho Bullet Festival: Please Bury My Children, which will most likely be completed during Q1 of 2017.


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