2015 Rundowns

2015 Rundowns:

20/12-26/12: Hiding My Depression And Self-Loathing
13/12-19/12: Build A Computer And Throw It In The Trash!
06/12-12/12: A Most Leaky Upset For All The Boys And Girls
29/11-05/12: NDR3NSEK+TGAPSX

22/11-28/11: Everything Was A Mistake
15/11-21/11: Despair Deepens
08/11-14/11: Growing Up Is Hard
01/11-07/11: Fallout 4: Coming 2017

25/10-31/10: Sophisticated Sadism, Silliness, Schizophrenia, and Savagery
18/10-24/10: The Super Seuxal Anthropomorphized Doughnut BBW Fart Queen
11/10-17/10: Feces Makes The Heart Go Yonder
04/10-10/10: Pi Piru Piru Piru Pi Piru Pi!
27/9-03/10: Rundown CXXXIV: The Darkening

20/9-26/9: Oh Right, I Almost Forgot About You!
13/9-19/9: TGS: 2015 Edition – Darkest Despair!
06/9-12/9: Chronologically Correct Sonic OSTs
30/8-05/9: Metal Gear Anx!ety: Borderline Obsessive Perfectionist

23/8-29/8: pornography_is_destructive.mp3
16/8-22/8: Forever A Foul Failure
09/8-15/8: Verde’s Doohickey Is An Act Of Plagiarism… I Think
02/8-08/8: I Would Like Some Friends…
26/7-01/8: Set Gamindustri On Fire And Beat Off On The Flames

19/7-25/7: *Insert Vaguely Threatening And Concerning Line Here*
12/7-18/7: A Disgrace to the Glorious Name of Autism
05/7-11/7: Miscellaneous Mildly Angry Grumbling
28/6-04/7: Many Monobears Masturbating

21/6-27/6: Mild Mannered Panick
17/6-20/6: Video Games Were A Mistake; They’re Nothing But Trash
16/6 Only: It’s Over And I’m Not Particularly Happy…
15/6 Only: I’m a Stealthy little Office Lady!
14/6 Only: Solid Fap Interactive Softworks – A Subsidiary of Flare Enterprises
07/6-13/6: PRE3 2015: A Leaky Prelude To Devastation
31/5-06/6: The Japanese Localization Building-School

24/5-30/5: Old Tech Can Kiss My Butt!
17/5-23/5: Apologies and Lies
10/5-16/5: I Don’t Care About My Privacy
03/5-09/5: Sad Land
26/4-02/5: Cut Off My Balls, I Don’t Need Them

19/4-25/4: Everybody Loot Konami’s Corpse For Bonus EXP!
12/4-18/4: I’m Hiding From Them Despair Bugs
05/4-11/4: High Impact Sexual Violence: Gooey Edition
29/3-04/4: Fetal Position

22/3-28/3: D is for Despair, Demise, Death, Desecration, Devastation, etc.
15/3-21/3: Obey The Rules of Nature or Die!
08/3-14/3: Because… Shut Up!
01/3-07/3: …Yeah, I’m A Bad Person

22/2-28/2: My Output Has Been Murdered; Prepare The Bullets Of Justice
15/2-21/2: Some Variant of Weaboo
08/2-14/2: You Shouldn’t Exist, Subhuman Scum!
01/2-07/2: Hyperdimension Neptunia Xtreme Victory II: Lavindation of Crystalia

25/1-31/1: A Pre-Sexual attraction To Murder
18/1-24/1: The Sexually Dynamic Potato-Fish
11/1-17/1: Let Nintendo’s Train Penetrate Your Butthole, Dummy!
04/1-10/1: Dial Doctor Genocider ‘Cos I’m A Lazy Boy
28/12-03/1: Fart 4 Friendshipping

2014 Rundowns

2013 Rundowns


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