Nigmabox Rundown 2014

2014 Rundowns:

21/12-27/12: I Apologize For Nothing
14/12-20/12: Bite Off The Bitter End And Then Choke On It!
07/12-13/12: You’re Suppose To Think Gasses Man Is A Bigot
30/11-06/12: Make A Wish And It Will Demolish Your Butt!

23/11-29/11: Steam Sales + A Humidifier = This Week
16/11-22/11: Pokemon is Basically A Nightmare Furnace
09/11-15/11: Don’t Go Outside Or The War Will Get You!
02/11-08/11: No Despair Is Allowed In The Butthole!
26/10-01/11: Either Be Productive Or Be A Corpse

19/10-25/10: That Illusive Shiny Gengar
12/10-18/10: I’m A NEET, But Not Really…
05/10-11/10: Money is the Worst Transition
28/9-04/10: The Cry Conjuring Nothingness

21/9-27/9: Apologies For The Lack of Danganronpa
14/9-20/9: I’d Like Some More Game News From Japan, Sir.
07/9-13/9: Devouring the Asshole of the Duck Hunt Duck & Dog
31/8-06/9: TGS Was About Two Hours Long

24/8-30/8: Gamergate =/= Gamersgate, Buttface!
17/8-23/8: Game Journalism’s Rules of Nature
10/8-16/8: School & Gamescom: The Circus of Ultimax Values
03/8-09/8: Butts Are Everywhere, I Repeat, Butts Are Everywhere!
27/7-02/8: The World Is A Land Of Delightful Despair

20/7-26/7: Press-Switch
13/7-19/7: I Am Truly The Nicest Man There Is!
06/7-12/7: Apathetic Cynicism is the Baddest Feeling
29/6-05/7: 5kYrIM;941N

22/6-28/6: Life… Is A Thing You Do Before Grand Deities Give You Cancer
15/6-21/6: The One After E3 & Before Psycho Shatter
11/6-14/6: The Mopping of Lost Souls
09/6-10/6: Goodbye Despair, Hello Eighth Generation(?)
01/6-08/6: E3… and Butts… I’m Tired!

25/5-31/5: Shut Your Face And Enjoy The World Before Vincent Dawn Destroys It!
18/5-24/5: P4G Is The “Objective” Form Of Evil
11/5-17/5: The Life Is Not A Thing Anybody Needs
04/5-10/5: The Evils of 100+ Hour Games Are Pure and Vile
27/4-03/5: I Should Stop Doing This, But I Don’t Wanna!

20/4-26/4: An Uncreative Title For An Uneventful Week
13/4-19/4: I Really Should Get That There Aspie Test
06/4-12/4: Bash Your Head Against The Wall of Reality!
30/3-05/4: Silence WORM! Imma Enjoying My Lonely Life

23/3-29/3: I Want To Find “The Man” And Punch His Face In!
16/3-22/3: An Orgasmic Week With Kill La Kill and GDC
09/3-15/3: This Was The Only Image I Had For Spring
02/3-08/3: Expect Delays And Fan Game Reviews
23/2-01/3: I Am Replaying Pokemon Firered With Nuzlocke Rules

16/2-22/2: I Am Disappointed With This Meal
09/2-15/2: I Care a Hair *Puffs Cig*
02/2-08/2: The Cult of (Insert Witty Term) Is Here!
19/1-01/2: I Wanted To Use The Period Blood Picture

12/1-18/1: Monkeys Are In Business of The Busyness
05/1-11/1: Break in the Fresh Year With Fresh… Stuff?
22/12-04/1: Pounding Into That There 20-14

2013 Rundowns


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