Nigmabox Rundown (11/02-11/08) No Despair Is Allowed In The Butthole!


So, I’ve got some news to share about my upcoming Novella, as opposed to a novel that is three novellas sticked together.  It is a little story of mine I dub The Vile Doohickey, which involves a group of teenage friends who find a body swapping remote.  The story will come out this year, as I almost done with the final chapter, but need to edit afterwards.  I am also looking into making a visual novel, but don’t plan to get started until Winter Break… where I am still working, and am going to need to type up a handbook so Santa can bring me an Nvidia GTX 970.  Regardless, I have at least one more Novella I plan on doing after that, in the form of a tribute very obscure to a Z-tier Manhwa mixed with my favorite character of 2014… Yeah!

So following a heavily criticized but very lucrative console generation with something of a dud, and the arguably best portable game system ever made with a lesser successor that had a foolish gimmick attached to it, Nintendo has finally bit the bullet and began making things for smartphones.  It’s something of a companion piece though, so no worries about them, at least in comparison to just about any company under EA, such as the one behind something by the name of Dawngate.  One of those MOBAs that I do not think was ever properly out of Beta, but it and the studio will apparently be dead in 90 or so days.1 DR is this thind dead die dying gone killed that is kinda neat I guess kewl corpse

What should not be dead that quickly, and still does not catch my interest is Overwatch, a quirky multiplayer team based FPS by Blizzard, which strikes me as something I may be able to get into if it did not involve social interaction, and keyboard controls.  I would also likely be able to get into Just Cause, but its world based on part 2 was just unenjoyable to traverse.  As such, seeing these leaked photos of Just Cause 3 just makes me mildly irritated that the game will likely have the most passable content, but no real substance.2 IS Eh what the shock is up with this shit yo

But that’s boring, ‘cos there was a Nintendo Direct I couldn’t watch live, as I had to work.  I mean, I missed the reveal of the long awaited Majora’s Mask 3D.  Details on what exactly was changed were kept scarce, but I’m guessing the title’s time management will be less strenuous while its delightfully eccentric style will remain mostly untouched.  So yeah, gonna get it with my Super 3DS, which was not announced here, obviously.  Meaning I shall not be playing any more 3DS games for a while.  This also includes Project STEAM– sorry, I keep making that mistake, Codename STEAM, even though I’m less than blown away, and would rather have a Paper Mario 3.  Though I would gladly have Advance Wars and Fire Emblem be removed from history for a Paper Mario 3, when I like both of those titles.3 Haganai God Says Kill The Gays Homo

Besides, the Wii U needs more pushing, and Nintendo did just that with their Amiibo shoehorning, which I would be fine with if the cheap plastic toys were $7, not $13, and if they actually made Nintendo Kart instead of throwing Zelda and F-Zero stuff into Mario Kart 8.  Wait, why would I buy a multiplayer game when I shattered my ties with all my friends?  Maybe if the single player looks nifty, as it does in Splatoon, which rotted slightly in my memory and looks a bit alarmingly like what I believe people have wanted from Nintendo for the past decade.  Still, when I do inevitably get my Wii U, I will consider getting a sticker that reads “Manado 2: The Cross Chronicles Box” because Xenoblade Chronicles X still looks fantabulistic.  As for when I will beat part one… probably never.  If I do it will be using the Dolphin emulator, which is totally legal in my book, as I do own Xenoblade and a Wii that broke while I was playing the game.  …It’s fixed now.4 SCD Chick who are good at math are moe Women in industry

Much like Nintendo’s financial situation!  With 220 million in profits from Q2, and 4.5 billion in the bank.  And I’m guessing they do plan on spending some of that money for spin-off games, such as Hyrule Warriors and such, as there’s only so much Nintendo can put out, and having another developer do something different with one of their IPs is a great way to keep the Wii Us out of the closets.  As you want people to constantly be aware that your platform exists, which may be why Ubisoft decided to pull upcoming games from Steam, and then place them on U-Play only, which nobody likes.  Plus, it will likely lessen the people who buy the game as it is off of the biggest PC gaming platform.5 Yamada I don't remember much since I was a wild child who never stayed home and I hated that poop hole

I actually do have something I want to talk about, not really related to video games as much as it is the press.  On November 6th, Rev3Games ended.  …Okay, time for backstory!  It was during E3 of 2009 when I first heard of Destructoid, which quickly became my go-to gaming site, and still is if the links are any indicator.  It was a great set of writers and personalities that spawned a lovely community that I attempted to be a part of, but quickly got intimidated, because I am a coward.6 KLK Genius my ass all I see is cowardly fear get over it you self rightious piece of shit fuck off too liar full of yourself

This meant I was there front and center when the Destructoid Show came around, and eventually morphed into Revision 3 Games, which was, at least for a time, something really special, helped by a series of personalities I have come to enjoy over the years, along with Adam Sessler, who I am actually a bit upset is no longer going to be on camera very much.  Things kinda fell apart when he and several other members began leaving the company and the quality suffered in my mind.  While those who remained were good at what they did, there was a certain change that made me less endeared to what was there, and I eventually left… That basically describes my thoughts on Destructoid as well, I lack a gaming news site, and am not going to dig through NeoGaf.7 PGOS Goodbye for Today Farewell


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