The Body Of Raiyne Is Free!

What is going on Nigmaboxlings… okay, not going to use that name again.  Natalie “Electric Nigma” Neumann here as always to not give a review or rundown, but announce that my novel, The Body Of Raiyne is free until the nineteenth.  When during that day I haven’t a clue, so please pick it up right now from THIS LINK.  Read it in your spare time, hit me up with what you thought about it, and download it while you can.

Now, some may be asking why this novel which I published two weeks ago is now free?  Long story short, sales were abysmal and I want people to go out and read it, not ponder if it is worth a buck.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a visual novel review, until then, stay sexy and get my goldarn novel!


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