Announcement: I Wrote a Novel!

What is going on internet, Natalie “Electric Nigma” Neumann here to tell you, who happens to be looking at my blog, one very important thing you could infer from the post title.  I have wrote and published a novel on Amazon, and it is available for purchase for the low low price of $0.99.  Would make it cheaper, but that’s as low as it can go!  It’s called The Body of Raiyne and can be found here.  I am really bad with giving it a synopsis, but it is about interdimensional monsters, super powered terrorists, and a young woman who came from the moon.

Please check it out, let me know what you think about it, complain about how I have poor grammar, or just don’t torrent it like a jerk!


2 thoughts on “Announcement: I Wrote a Novel!

  1. Damn, looks like you beat me to the punch. It’s times like this where I wish I wasn’t as slow as a legless turtle.

    Well, whatever. Congratulations are in order, so…you know, congratulations on getting something out there. Here’s hoping you see some real gains from it.

    • I would not say that I beat you to the punch, as I Hraet You has what I can only interpret as a massive amount of content invested in it. But yes, after about 11 months of development, the creation of about 50 unusable pages of dreck, and some legal shenanigans, I published a novel on Amazon that a whopping total of three people have bought.

      Not that I did this whole shebang for monetary gains or anything, I just wanted to get creative beyond the nearly 150 game reviews and 50 anime reviews I’ve done for games and anime respectively and a novel was quite frankly the best way to combine three core ideas I had and create a novel out of it . And if everything goes just right, I’ll have another one out by the year’s end.

      All Hail Lady Raiyne, Bringer of Earth V2!

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