Intertoid Tale Tweleve: The Last Drop

As Jonathan expanded his body, now the sun, all of those remaining were lost, except for three.  Tara the Longest, President Doctor Jonathan Holmes, and his little “friend”, Jimmy.  Arin was not expecting such an event, and had to rush them out before they were gone for good.  They had caused a rift as the same time, meaning they were at least not too hard to spot.  What, with their worlds merging and all.

Arin took the trio away from this dimension and into the other, which the Spawn had indeed penetrated, but it was currently busy eating the leftover planets in the universe.  He did not have a plan and could only hope for an epiphany.  However, it was not he who received the power, but little Jimmy, who was crawling over President Doctor Jonathan Holmes.  As President Doctor Jonathan Holmes paced while trying to comprehend this situation, ignoring the Fem in his presence, he tried to push away Jimmy, who was very clingy.  Then little Jimmy dropped the President Doctor’s trousers, and began going up his but.  It was more of a blur than anything, and before he knew it, Jimmy was now inside of President Doctor Jonathan Holmes’ anus.

President Doctor Jonathan Holmes began panicking more than he was over the universe collapsing, and as both Arin and Tara the Longest were yelling at each other, her calling Arin a filthy Carrier.  And less than a minute later, the group was approached by the Spawn, who presumably moved very fast, since Arin teleported them here due to the massive distance.  Now, starring the foe who was large enough to absorb the nonexistent light source of Arin’s dimensional pocket, all seemed to be lost.  And then President Doctor Jonathan Holmes began to shout, grow, and start shooting light from his skin.

It took nearly a minute, but President Doctor Jonathan Holmes had grown to a size near what Jonathan Holmes was after he absorbed all the suns in the universe, and glowing like him, except for one thing.  The form was not of President Doctor Jonathan Holmes, it was of Jim Sterling, butt naked.  Before Arin and Tara the Longest could even facially express their confusion of the sight, the radiating Jim Sterling leaped right at the Spawn, taking him down with literally no effort at all.

The sun-made Jim Sterling appeared in the interior of the Spawn, which look almost identical to the exterior.  He muffled through the gook that randomly made up some sort of body, until he was a twinkle.  It was Jonathan, he was being absorbed by the Spawn.  Jim dashed toward his friend, and began to shine his body to overwhelm the spawn enough for Jonathan to escape, and he did, but he was harmed.  Jonathan has lost most of his light energy, and was merely glowing, rather than shining like a star.

Jim talked to Jonathan for a while, asking if he could do anything to help, and Jonathan said, “No Jim, we lost this time.”  Jim slapped him in his face and said that was not going to happen, growing brighter all the way.  Jonathan said it again, leading to another strike, and another, and another.  He was getting brighter, as Jonathan was barely even exhibiting light.  Jim tried encouraging Jonathan, but all Jonathan did was lay his hand on Jim’s chest, and say, “Take my strength.”

Arin and Tara the Longest were trying to traverse the endless darkness, with Arin being unable to create light, since the Spawn instantly devoured it.  They wandered for a while, hearts racing all the time, only for the darkness to be broken by a light that followed a loud shout.  The two of them were now gone, turned to ash by the light’s intensity.  Not due to how Jim had broken free, but how much his anger had broken the darkness.

Jim had left Arin’s pocket dimension as a place made entirely of light, and scattered back to his own universe, now an empty pit of darkness, excluding himself.  He had nothing to live for any more.  His whole world and greatest friend had died.  If he had not been drunk by his new power he could have… No, he could not have.

Jim had no more goals, no more dreams, he had nothing left in life, he had no idea what was going on, but it was as if he somehow did.  He hear whispering in his ear, and responded, “Who is that?”  He shouted into nothingness, sound somehow traveling through space.  A chipper little voice came out and said, “Oh, that was me.  Can you hear better me now?”  Jim replied with a Yes.  “Oh goodie, now I get to explain EVERYTHING to you!”  The voice chimed in, not sounding male of female, just… happy.  Well, this has all been a little stage for me and my game!  “…Game?” Jim replied, awestruck.  “Oh dear, how to explain it.  Well, everything your world made up about mythology and all that extra crap?  It has next to nothing to do with the grand scheme of things.  It was just some nutter thinking about a world that he would like to see, growing mad because he had to live with his consequences, and then got to seem the individuals that were an indirect result of his actions be destroyed in 256 different worlds, and in 256 different ways.  Well, the person wanted more, but he only got that far in the processing”

Jim was baffled and demanded a better answer.  “Okay!  Basically, you are one big simulation, someone hacked into your universe and tried to turn it into their own.  Granted, it did not work, at least for the most part.  We had multiple fail safes keeping the hacker out, yet we still had to break the rules, insert ideas into individual’s heads, try and adapt the people to their cloned planets, with a few hairs for some of you, which were picked pretty haphazardly.  We have about 600 people working on this thing, and were given conflicting orders.  So now we got rid of the Spawn, or hacker, who was trying to steal and corrupt our data, perhaps in some sort of protest, being someone who thinks artificial people should have rights, or just for their own enjoyment.”

“So you are just a simulation, your world will be rebooted, and I’m here because that look on your face is priceless.  And who am I, some disembodied voice?  Nope, I am just the interaction program who gave you all premonitions in order to bend the rules, but our attempt has failed, and I can soon stop degrading myself to speaking your pitiful human tongue.”  Jim had no words for the voice, and was only given seconds to process the fact that everything was a mistake in the system, that he could not fix, and he was just some pieces of data, sifting through some computer for what?  Entertainment?  It did not seem to matter, because before he knew it, his trail of thought ended, and he had all but died, along with the rest of the universe.

A few days later…

All was seemingly well with the world.  Since the individual who caused this realm’s downfall had been apprehended for attempting to destroy private property, the Universe returned to its original state.  All of the individuals brought up in this tale had been returned to their normal lives, as if nothing had happened.  Of course they would have back up files, and they only lost three days worth, which they sped through to get things back to their normal pace.

The tales had not been conventional, but were now all a thing of the past, and one that never existed.  Even Jim hadn’t the slightest clue that his life was just for gathering some sort of data on lower lifeforms, let alone its purpose.  Instead, him and everyone else just kept on living their lives, never encountering their “creators” ever again.  The worlds, the perrel, it was not even a footnote.  Many live their lives striving for a larger purpose, but what truly makes a purpose significant?  What is the ultimate goal for all of us?  One can argue that there is none.  Just living out lives hoping to find something simulating, and keep on obtaining stimulation until we die.  A pretty bleak view, one might say.  However, you must ask yourself, would you rather come to terms with the bitter harsh reality, ignoring the message of joy, seeing it as a “distraction” or stay living in a fantasy that just proves reality to be true, despite your denial?  I say, do whatever makes you happy.

//No, I am not happy with this much at all, but I needed to finish it in the end.  If you are upset, not that anyone was reading these, I’ve got something better coming in my Christmas bash of three reviews, and the first six iterations for a new story.


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