Nigmabox Rundown (5/20-5/26) Welcome To Reality!

With Pre-E3, or PRE3 as I like to call it, gearing up with the expected preamble of last minute announcement, showcases, and, of course, information leaks, I should probably inform everybody that I will not be able to cover E3 in my usual fashion.  As you can see from the header image, my upcoming schedule will be rather busy during the first half of summer, and I will have very little free time. Heck, I doubt I will even get to watch any press conferences in full on Monday. I would complain, but this is how the world works, and those who take umbrage with it have many colorful ways of separating themselves from it. Continue reading


Nigmabox Rundown (5/13-5/19) No Nep-Nep For Me

I recently purchased Cyberdimension Neptunia: Four Goddesses Online, because while I am rather critical of the Neptunia series, I genuinely like them, and cannot justify skipping out on a title.  I managed to squeeze a spot for it into my schedule, but as I went to start it up on Friday night, I quickly ran into issues where the game simply did not work.  The Steam forums were not enough to help me with my endeavors, as all methods I could find proved to be ineffective. The game runs, barely, but I can neither play nor refund it, so I guess I’ll need to wait until I get a new PC in order to try again, because Idea Factory is certainly not going to patch this game… Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (5/06-5/12) The Glory Of Employment!

Like with most of my breaks between semesters, I have been working full time, though full time might be a bit of a stretch here, since I have actually worked from home in the evening and worked on Saturday as well.  From writing checks, diagnosing PC problems, and setting up new PCs. According to my mother, this is the norm for most companies in my home country, where its full time employees are expected to try to better their employer even after normal hours of operation, in order to keep costs down for the employer and allow the employees to maintain their positions.  I am actually quite fond of it if I may be fully candid, but then again I also like the idea of employees living in company mandated dormitories and company towns. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (4/29-5/05) The Western AAA Games Industry Is Not For Me

With E3 just over the horizon, I have been thinking about the western AAA game industry and more specifically how I have grown so increasingly disinterested in it over the years.  I mean, I have not touched a western AAA title that was developed specifically for 8th generation consoles, and the only ones I am interested in fall into two camps. First party Sony titles like Ratchet & Clank and Horizon: Zero Dawn along with continuations of series that I fondly enjoyed like Agents of Mayhem and Mass Effect Andromeda.  It honestly strikes me as an odd shift compared to how open I was about things last generation, but after being burnt out by so many western AAA titles, I guess I just grew apathetic to the lot of them.   Continue reading