Nigmabox Rundown (23/8-29/8) pornography_is_destructive.mp3

PornoSo some Japanese company made an Oculus Rift game where you fuck a balloon in a schoolgirl uniform to simulate sex.  Yeah.  That’s honestly perfectly fine in my book.  I’d rather have pronography be very clearly labeled as such while having next to no artistic merit, and simply be shameless in fulfilling the sexual urges of humans.  It’s better than any eroge that dares to have any artistic value, as it is being made for masturbatiory purposes.  I’d much rather have sex scenes in visual novels that you can censor if you enter a code, so it is clear you are playing it for the story… Yeah, this is a complicated issue I should not be addressing in the opening like this. Continue reading

Higurashi: When They Cry Chapter 1 – Onikakushi Review

2015-08-18_00016Higurashi: When They Cry is a series of visual novels originally released at Comiket in 2002, and since then have received fourteen Sound Novels, a 38 volume manga series, a total of fifty anime episodes and OVAs, 21 light novels, two live action films, and more.  Following a particularly poor translation of the eight main titles of this series, MangaGamer decided that while they are porting over quality visual novels and eroge, they could tackle this beast with their workforce.  Oh, but they could not secure the assets from the recently released PS3 version for this PC release.  But, somebody made a mod so you may install the backgrounds, sprites, and Japanese voiceover in order to help enhance the experience.  You can find out how to install the mod in the Steam Community Guides for this title. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (16/8-22/8) Forever A Failure

0 DR nothing zero zip zada failure no more motivation give up surrenderAnother week, another one-fifth-second of a year gone down the drain, and another series of days where I feel like I have been a worthless POS, as I am not keeping my shit organized well enough.  I’ll hopefully get better once I return to a school based schedule this week, and hopefully my first semester of full-time college does not cause me to dive down the despair drenched drain to the dirty and dingy darkness.  Alliteration is fun… Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (08/8-15/8) Verde’s Doohickey Is An Act Of Plagiarism… I Think

0 Haganai You Commited Plagarism feel badAfter seventeen years in the making, not really but it felt like it, I am finally done with Verde’s Doohickey, my novel for 2015, although I may put another one out on Christmas of New Years.  Depends on how quickly I can write this far simpler story and how easily the dynamic between the two main characters flows, because I have been struggling to get the everyman and asshole dynamic right for years… Man, it’s only been a day and I’m already talking about my next thing. Continue reading

Verde’s Doohickey

I am pleased to announce that after several months I have finally finished my first non-anthology novel, Verde’s Doohickey!

What is it about?  Well, I am not particularly good at reducing my own work to its most core and basic elements, but Verde’s Doohickey is a story about friendship, body swapping, anxiety, the rewriting and alteration of reality, along with some other miscellaneous teenage shenanigans.

It’s a story I put everything I could into, and I hope you will enjoy reading a fraction as much as I enjoyed writing.

Download the PDF or use this publicly accessible GoogleDoc to download the novel into a format of your choice.

Nigmabox Rundown (02/8-08/8) I Would Like Some Friends…

0 Watamote The Unwanted Hug of friendhsip via mascot manSo, Comiket 88 was held in Japan this week, the week of Gamescom, and it naturally had a very spiffy showcase of Doujin games, some very meh looking, others on par with content the lower to mid tier Japanese developers put out.  However, I will not be able to play most of them because the world is still greatly divided by languages, when this shit should have been figured out years ago.  I’m not saying that English should be the default for the world, as English is a pretty poor language in my book, but I feel that everybody in a developed part of the world should be able to speak a global language as a second language, while most media would be produced in that language to maximize the audience size, and slowly weed out old languages.  Now, some people say that a wide variety of languages helps encourage differences in the world and allow people to think differently.  I say that while there may be some truth there, some things need to be sacrificed in order for the world to progress and become more understanding.  I mean, it could actually help global understanding of others quite a bit if you design the language properly and based on the pros and cons of other languages. Continue reading

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Review

headerThe idea of somebody going out and picking up a decade old licensed PC game’s sequel, giving it widescreen, 5K resolution, controller, and Mac and Linux support is nothing short of baffling to me.  Not that it is the reason I decided to give this much praised title a go, but it did make the experience more enjoyable as I no longer had to deal with using a proprietary widescreen mod that did not work that well.  That said, this review is only based on roughly twenty-five hours with the game, mostly because I can now tell when I reach a point where my opinion of a game will only grow more and more negative, and I’d rather stop playing while I can still view the game fondly. Continue reading