Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lightning Returns Review

000In my quest to explore, experience, and analyze the Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy, as seen in my reviews for XIII and XIII-2, I was dreading this installment. Not due to any quality concerns, but due to the time limit. I was horrified by the idea of being unable to do everything I can in a given amount of time. It was enough for me to go through this game with a guide to assist me, and I played the game on easy mode as well, because Square Enix actually recommended doing so. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (1/31-2/06) Yeah, This Is Not Funny Anymore

come_on_guys_by_ONATSo, it was just pointed out to me that it is grammatically incorrect to add two spaces after a sentence, when I have been doing that for the past six years because one of my teachers told me so and nobody pointed it out to me. I’m also dealing with an incredible amount of hatred towards my own work and livelihood, and am genuinely considering going to see a therapist or psychiatrist. Also, this header image was made by ONAT. Continue reading

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

2016-01-14_00092Wolfenstein: The New Order has been on my to-play list for quite some time, even though I don’t have much affinity for first person shooters. Ever since it clicked to me that they visually look like games about disembodied guns shooting people, it became difficult for me to not look at them as somewhat gauche. Yet, I heard good things about the story, which is weird for a game where you shoot nazi robots in the face with dual wielded shotguns. Continue reading

Shadow Complex Remastered Review

2015-12-26_00040Before I packed up my consoles into a plastic box for what I assume will be a rather long time, Shadow Complex was a game I played annually since its release, always coming away from the title with a smile on my face. As such, I was pretty happy when I heard that the game was going to be released on PC, and quickly got to it and cleared it twice in two successive days. I realize that more praise for a game that is almost universally beloved may be unnecessary, but after writing well over… 200 game reviews, many of which I discarded for quality reasons, this sort of thing becomes a habit. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (1/24-1/30) Time Moves Forward, Nothing Changes

Laxy Nep by GebbyYeah, still not too happy with just about anything in my stupid little life.  Time to talk about the video game industry.  Also here’s the source for the header image.  The artist, Ge-B, is pretty fantastic, and you should check her out. Continue reading

Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! Review

23Cherry Tree High Comedy Club has sat in the pile of games I was not sure about for roughly 1.5 years.  Not because of anything having to do with its quality, I enjoyed the characters and writing a good amount, but I could not stand to go through its stat driven gameplay, as I quickly become obsessive about that sort of thing.  As such, I chose to look at its sequel, a kinetic visual novel, and an experience I would describe as little more than flaccid. Continue reading

Gone Home Review

2016-01-17_00003A few months after its initial release, I reviewed Gone Home, a very divisive little game that I knew next to nothing about before playing.  Despite my attempts at the contrary, I walked away from the game with a rather negative opinion of it.  Not because of the subject matter or my bias against it, or the lack of traditional skill based gameplay or any one of those common criticisms that are brought up by some people.  Rather, my problems come from the story itself, and seeing as how the game recently released on consoles, I figured now is as good a time as any to better explain why. Continue reading