JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season One Review


So, I was pretty stoked to get back into anime reviewing by diving into this absurd pool of male fashion models and boundless insanity, but it took me quite some time to get through the first 26 episodes, which is already not a good sign.  I wanted to do nothing more than adore it, but… I’ll explain. Continue reading

Parasyte -the maxim- Review

PM cute happy dog dawg so kawaii neato nifty rad swagYes, I have returned to reviewing the animes after a year long hiatus wherein I regained my affection towards the medium.  That said, I do plan on having my schedule for the foreseeable future to be rather inconsistent.  If I want to put up two reviews a month, or one review every two months, I will.  So, here’s a review of a series I decided to watch because its ad involved a man eating a woman’s face, and two people having stupidly speedy tentacle based sword fights. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (05/4-11/4) High Impact Sexual Violence: Gooey Edition

0 PM whoops my bad sorry mistook you for someone else wrong person next after you dead dying die deathSo, this week I tried Killer Is Dead, and it made me realize that I simply cannot play Character Action Games that implement a grading system, meaning most of them, as if you get anything beneath the highest score, well, you are just fucking up.  But not just playing the game, oh no, you are going against the developer’s intentions and are objectively playing the game wrong, and by extension you are ruining an experience by being too shit to handle a challenge that the title very clearly stats should be no problem for normal people.  I honestly don’t know if I hate it more than a lives base system, as that method is a vile outdated archaic disgusting loathsome evil punishment based system that was implemented in order to inspire mastery artificially increase game length.  But if you dare waste a resource as precious as life, you probably don’t deserve to have your own, you miserable little sack of maggot infested cum, mixed with urine, STD infested blood, Ebola, and bug shit Continue reading

Sword of Asumi Review

sword_of_edo_by_embervesent-d79z94mI really want to one day create a visual novel of my own, and am fully aware that it is not that hard to do.  However, I am currently trying to do some regular novels before I aim to do something wherein I will need to find an artist to provide assets for me.  Plus, I need to build up the writing talent I feel is necessary in order to create something worthy of being placed on sale at a digital marketplace, such as Steam… Kinda like Sword of Asumi, a $16 $12 visual novel I bought at a discount to help fund convince the creator to Kickstart a sequel, only to then see it as part of a $2 IndieGala bundle. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (29/3-04/4) Fetal Position

0 HeroJob You Should Really pay attention to people and not hide in the sink you weird listen out of your bubblrSo, there is very clearly something going on with Zero Escape 3.  I did not bring up the countdown website as nothing had happened, but it has recently updated and Kotaro Uchikoshi tweeted out some cryptic numbers, which when gven their letter value turn into FNJANUUVNWXOXDAFXAM and KYVCFEXVJKEZXYKNZCCYRMVREVEU.  When put through a Caesar Cipher decryption, which involves the letter value being shifted by a set amount, 17 for the first one, 9 for the second one, you get the messages WE ARE ALL MEN OF OUR WORD and THE LONGEST NIGHT WILL HAVE AN END.  You know what that means?  Ever 17’s getting a re-release, and the previous two Zero Escape titles are coming to PC along with part 3… I know I got that wrong, but a girl can dream, can’t they? Continue reading

Nigmabox Update 01/4/2015: No Jokes, Just Updates

1 DR Bored now going to get on with it next here we goAlright, as I am writing this I am just getting over a lump of depression and inferiority, which has technically been bugging me my entire life, but it has sprung up, I dunno, at least twenty times this year alone, which is probably not healthy, but so is having such shit output for the past quarter.  That’s a fourth of a year and I’ve got 60 years left, so I basically just wasted .5% of my remaining life force, like an idiot… Okay, maybe the depression has just manifested itself in another form, but onto what I want to discuss… in something that is indeed going up on April First, but is not a joke in any way, shape, or form. Continue reading