Go! Go! Nippon ~My First Trip To Japan~ Review

headerThe fact I have an anime section on this blog should make my opinions on Japan pretty clear, but I’ve got a paragraph to fill, so I’ll yack a bit.  I’m not the type of person who wants to or has travelled very much in their life.  While there is a certain appeal to visiting new locals, the transportation and in the case of very far away places, a language barrier I would need a paid assistant to help me with.  And even though Japan does have a bunch of cool shit in it, I would much prefer to build a machine to plop the country right next to California and wait for English to become a common second language in the reclusive country.  Oh, and for the sake of this review, I’m calling Go! Go! Nippon ~My First Trip To Japan~ as its subtitle because the punctuation of Go! Go! ticks me off. Continue reading

The Body Of Raiyne Is Free!

What is going on Nigmaboxlings… okay, not going to use that name again.  Robert “An Electric Nigma” here as always to not give a review or rundown, but announce that my novel, The Body Of Raiyne is free until the nineteenth.  When during that day I haven’t a clue, so please pick it up right now from THIS LINK.  Read it in your spare time, hit me up with what you thought about it, and download it while you can.

Now, some may be asking why this novel which I published two weeks ago is now free?  Long story short, sales were abysmal and I want people to go out and read it, not ponder if it is worth a buck.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a visual novel review, until then, stay sexy and get my goldarn novel!

Nigmabox Rundown (06/4-12/4) Bash Your Head Against The Wall of Reality!

SF No, that would be bad and we do not want things to be poor when it is normal that should be good not poopyIf I haven’t plugged it enough, please go out and buy The Body of Raiyne!  It is my first novel and is only a dollar, hell, it may end up being even less later down the line and for brief periods.  In addition to that, I have started work on my next novel, which will sadly probably not come out until the year’s end, possibly even later if I go through my idea for the short story, Psycho_Shatter.  Psycho_Shatter is a terrible idea as it features a main character with major mental problems that I will not research and will probably include a person being burnt alive in an oven.  But I still want to do it in order to have a massive wanker of a protagonist be placed in situations where he just rants about everything while being the most fragile little shit I have ever conceived.  But onto the video games!

Continue reading

Samurai Flamenco Review

Samurai-FlamencoThere was this kid whose name I forgot because I haven’t thought about him in about a year.  He once talked about how he should try and plow through a 26 episode anime a week, every single week.  I told him he was crazy, but he was one of those people who really loved Sword Art Online so his points are objectively false(joke).  I forgot my point already, but I am back in the game with a 22 episode series reviewed within two weeks.  So yay for finding a series I knew nothing about other than how it is insane but eventually ties itself together really well, although I’d say that is very much debatable. Continue reading

Symphony Review

symphonyI am a bit torn on how I should introduce this review.  On one hand I could bring up Audiosurf and the idea of playing a level or stage based on a user selected song makes me practically giddy.  On the other I could talk about how dumb it is to entitle a game something like Symphony.  At least Amnesia had a subtitle.  Or I could get personal and call my father out for never teaching me jack about music when he is a massive music nerd who has a 15 foot long wall of CDs.  Or I could gush about “Symphony” before realizing I’m not reviewing Symphony of the Night.  Instead I did all four.  I am the cleverest girl in all of the interwebs! Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (30/3-05/4) Silence WORM! Imma Enjoying My Lonely Life

KLK You Must BE Really Lonely to do that you loner solo individualHey, I don’t know if I’ve made this abundantly clear or not, but I’ve written a novel that is available through this link for you to purchase off of Amazon for a dollar.  I know I am pushing this super hard, but I really do want to have 100 people read through this thing I’ve done, because I placed 11 months into the project and do not want it to go unnoticed.  Yet I’m still gonna be here talking about them video games and get people pissed off if they decide to comment… I’m cyber lonely. Continue reading

Announcement: I Wrote a Novel!

What is going on internet, Elect “Robert Neumann” Nigma here to tell you, who happens to be looking at my blog, one very important thing you could infer from the post title.  I have wrote and published a novel on Amazon, and it is available for purchase for the low low price of $0.99.  Would make it cheaper, but that’s as low as it can go!  It’s called The Body of Raiyne and can be found here.  I am really bad with giving it a synopsis, but it is about interdimensional monsters, super powered terrorists, and a young woman who came from the moon.

Please check it out, let me know what you think about it, complain about how I have poor grammar, or just don’t torrent it like a jerk!