Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

76dI… I had very high hopes and extreme fears when this game was coming out, and when I picked it up a while ago.  I am not good at character action games by any means, but was so taken in by the soundtrack that I felt I had to go through the game… which I did one and a half times.  Still, saying I cleared, or beat the game would be a lie, as I only got through it on the super easy mode, and after repeating two encounters for two hours, each, I hit my limit and ceased my proper playthrough.  I was half joking when I tweeted out “Likes: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.  Dislikes: Playing Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.”  But no, that was far more accurate than I intended and… Let me explain this relationship properly. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (19/10-25/10) That Illusive Shiny Gengar

shiny_gengar_pokemonOn Friday I did something I haven’t done in quite some time, and went into a GameStop.  It was so I could pick up a Shiny Gengar, and because I forgot to go last Friday.  I decided to walk there, even though the nearest GameStop is 2.5 miles away, but because I have never walked that far from my home before in my life, I got lost as I missed the street I was suppose to turn left on.  I did end up finding a GameStop, one that was not my destination, and they had run out of codes.  I found my way to my planned destination, and they were out as well.  Meaning I walked about seven miles for nothing.  Thankfully an employee told me to call Nintendo to get a code, so hopefully my ghost will be gotten yet.  If not, I’m probably going to get Diancie this week.

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Spec Ops: The Line Review

SOTL - Concept Art (4)So, in January of 2013, I played Special Operative: The Safety Line and wrote something I had very little confidence in.  A game I claimed to probably never play again, but that’s what I get for writing comments early in the morning.  For whatever reason I did one better, bought a PC copy, and decided to play through it because… I guess I felt like it. Hopefully I can better deconstruct the game, even though I should make it clear that no matter how hard I may try, I still don’t quite get it.

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Nigmabox Rundown (12/10-18/10) I’m A NEET, But Not Really…

0Press Switch Take your friendship and shove it up someone else's ass you fucker I don't need any social interactions or anything like that NEET 4 ev RTake an article about visual novels from a company named Overdrive, had the header mention sex, and my mind will instantly go to a track from the mashup album Katamari Da-Emcee that is a mix of WANDA WANDA and a song by the name of “Ass Everywhere”, creatively titled “butts everywhere”.  While that is happening, I have a tab open containing a body swap story, paused my massive Danganronpa screenshot renaming project, am listening to an episode of The Comedy Button, which I paid for, and am debating if I should write about Arkham City, play Contrast, or work on A Vile Doohickey some more.  Damn it feels good to be a Nigma, whatever the hell that means! Continue reading

Batman: Arkham City Review

punchOkay, so earlier this year I decided to revisit Batman: Arkham Asylum, where I investigated the doubt I felt after playing the game, and decided that I really did not find the game to be all that great.  I gave it a 7.5 and all that, but not GOTY material in my book, just a surprisingly good liscense game.  I did recall enjoying its sequel, Arkham City a bit more, but even after plowing through it I distinctly remember feeling a sense of emptiness, and I figured out why… at least partially.  I mean, I’ve yet to reach max reviewed level, but I’ve at least gained ten since I started, right? Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (05/10-11/10) Money is the Worst Transition

0INside Mari the fuck hell with school that is bullshit terrible go kill yourself american education system fuckerIf I may be honest, lately I’ve been rather busy with work and been side tracked by school, where I take classes I do not necessarily enjoy… at all really.  Seeing as how I no longer spend an entire day in the same building really does lessen any sort of care I have for what I am doing there, as I’m only there from 9:10 to 13:45 two days a week, doing things I really don’t care about.  I know they are simply filling out courses, but even the actual content of the class, skill of the instructor’s, site website, and atmosphere all feel like a notable step down from what I did for four years that were filled with so much free time I started this blog.  Do I want to go back to that?  No, not really, I mostly want to be done and start working four days a week instead of two.  Because doing miscellaneous office work for people ten to fifty years older than me is far more enjoyable.  That, and I get money for it. Continue reading

Sonic Generations Review

pusher-gameWhy did I play this game again?  Why did I go through the obnoxious challenges a second time in order to get a meaningless 100% that some may say is incomplete as I did not get four Steam achievements?  Why did I buy a game I did not necessarily like a second time?  Well, the answer there is that it was part of a Sonic Pack on the Humble Store, which was discounted 50% or 75%.  But yes, I am reviewing it again as my library has been drying up a bit, and by chance I glanced at my Sonic Generations review from back when and was not happy with what I saw.  So… let’s do it to it! Continue reading