Nigmabox Rundown (16/11-22/11) Pokemon is Basically A Nightmare Furnace

gengar_junji_ito.0.0_cinema_960.0So, on the day after my twentieth birthday I was told that the company I work for as an office boy wants me to fill in some big shoes over my winter break from school.  Meaning that instead of learning how to use Ren’py as I had planned while working on the Vivian James X Girl In My Dreams story, I will be making some money to afford that MSI GTX 970 Graphics card I’ve been eying for a while.  Along with 16GB of RAM and maybe a new monitor… I’ve wanted that stuff for months, okay?   Continue reading

Sonic Adventure DX Review

ChubbsOkay, backstory for me in particular involving Sonic.  I was born in 1994, Sonic The Hedgehog was the first game I ever played, adored the hell out of the Gamecube Sonic games, and maintained some sort of connection to the franchise for… well, it’s still not gone as of yet, but is nothing like it used to be and is more akin to what people who got invested into something that continued well after they should have grown out of it, but can’t just stop.  So here’s a review of a game that I loved at age ten, to celebrate me leaving my teenage years behind! Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (09/11-15/11) Don’t Go Outside Or The War Will Get You!

1 GUP War It is Hell And No People Are AliveSo, Dragon Age Inquisition comes out on my Birthday, but a combination of the price, bugs, and how I am saving for a GTX 970 ontop of the inevitable Steam sales puts it on the back burner.  Oh, and Origin, never forget about that yucky Origin!  I really do want to dive in though, but I have visual novels and some PS+ games to keep me preoccupied.  Also out of the streets, where there is always a war on.  A nice chilly one at the moment, filled with mutants. Continue reading

Two Worlds II Review

2014-10-25_00013I have gathered quite a few games I still technically own on other systems, but purchased them on PC to both revisit them, and to have a copy handy after I put away my consoles for… Well, forever most likely.  That said, I do not have as much free time as I did a few years ago, and feel as if I should get out a review a week, so I only got thirty hours into this game I had previously beaten, and was getting bored with it on top of that.  I still have quite a few things to day, so I’ll just jump right ahead and get on with it. Continue reading

Shan Gui Review

x3cxwlxWhen a game is already $5 and is 50% off, all I really need is a spark of interest in it to pick it up and give it a bit of a whirl.  Especially when it is a visual novel that looks gorgeous and had pretty positive feedback.  But to make an already short review shorter, the game left me dissatisfied with the other aspect of being a visual novel, the writing. Continue reading

Nigmabox Rundown (20/11-08/11) No Despair Is Allowed In The Butthole!


So, I’ve got some news to share about my upcoming Novella, as opposed to a novel that is three novellas sticked together.  It is a little story of mine I dub The Vile Doohickey, which involves a group of teenage friends who find a body swapping remote.  The story will come out this year, as I almost done with the final chapter, but need to edit afterwards.  I am also looking into making a visual novel, but don’t plan to get started until Winter Break… where I am still working, and am going to need to type up a handbook so Santa can bring me an Nvidia GTX 970.  Regardless, I have at least one more Novella I plan on doing after that, in the form of a tribute very obscure to a Z-tier Manhwa mixed with my favorite character of 2014… Yeah! Continue reading

Yin-Yang: X-Change Alternative Review

XCA Artwork Anger…Look if Destructoid reviewed Boob Wars, I can review Yin-Yang: X-Change Alternative!  I could use this introduction bit to explain my fascination with male to female transformation themes, but really it is a big fat bag of worms that I can put aside and look at something I paid money to play and look at critically.  That, and I am pretty much asexual, so whatever jollies the game may have attempted did not cause their intended effect. Continue reading